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This is NOT a 'Privacy Statement' this is our Policy.
You know the difference between making a statement and making policy, right?
'Privacy Statements' are just hot air, written by PR flacks and lawyers.
Some even start with 'We are writing this so you FEEL secure...'

We don't give a dam how you FEEL about it,
This is our Policy:

We do not collect info on our site visitors.
We don't play word games about what's "personaly idintifiable" and what ain't.
We DO NOT collect any info, at all, about our visitors!
We do not give, share, or sell info to anyone.
We do not use scripts, web bugs, or cookies on our site.
Nothing 'calls home', all images are on our server.
We do not track our visitors.

We track us.
There is a code in the external links (links to affiliated pay sites),
that identifies as the source of your visit,
so that can earn it's commission if you subscribe to them.
(This is common of EVERY adult site)
This code identifies the site ( not the surfer.

We are not responsible for other site's policies (or statements).
We pick our affiliations for quality content and minimum tracking BS, but that is not a guarantee.

- Z. Harris webmaster

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